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Why implement EV charging?

Attract and retain customers

Offering EV charging can attract loyal customers with EVs who value the convenience of charging while they shop, increasing the amount of time they spend at your location and potentially boosting sales.

Generate revenue & Increase property value

Selling electricity through EV charging creates a new revenue stream for your business while accommodating the needs of EV drivers. Leverage EV charging to generate positive publicity through charger maps and trip planning.

Enhance brand reputation

By demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility through EV charging, you can enhance your brand reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers. Position as an industry leader in sustainability, demonstrate social responsibility, and stand out amongst competitors.

EV Motivation

As EV adoption rates continue to increase and Canada aims for 100% of all car and passenger truck sales to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035, EV charging at workplaces and residences is becoming increasingly important.

However, building owners should consider the specific needs of their building and potential demand from EV users before choosing a charger system configuration. It’s crucial to consult with a professional engineering firm to determine the building’s spare capacity and future charging needs. With extensive experience in energy projects and retrofits, UPC offers services to help future-proof your building and implement a smart, scalable EV charging system.

Implementing EV charging infrastructure today is about more than just preparing your location for the shift to zero emissions vehicles. It’s a path to increasing property value, attracting more customers, and generating more profit. Adding public EV charging stations can make your existing operation more profitable, as well as become a revenue stream all on its own.

Emerging Canadian EV Charging Market

Vehicle Market Share in Canada
0 %

According to vehicle registration data published by Statistics Canada, the market share of zero-emission vehicle registrations reached a peak in the third quarter of 2022, accounting for 8.7% of all registered vehicles.

EV's Registered in Canada in 2021

According to the Canda Energy Regulator, a record of 86,032 electric vehicles, which constituted 5.3% of total vehicle registrations in Canada in 2021. EV adoption is seeing year on year growth. 

Gov Subsidized Project Cost
0 %

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) funds the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) program. The program covers up to 50% of the cost of EV charging stations.


Revenue generating EV charging stations are ideal for areas such as: communal parking for condo apartments, multi-unit high rise rental apartments, retail, en-route and others. Monitor and control your system with our tailored, intelligent, and networked charging solutions.

Commercial Locations

This applies to hotels, sports institutions, shopping centers, and many more. EV drivers favor businesses offering public charging as it enables them to charge their vehicles throughout their activities

Charge At Home/Work

Ranging from small workplaces to large offices; business parks and complexes, multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) as well as condos and rental apartments. Charging stations for communal parking lots. Access to these stations can also be restricted to authorized users.

Public parking

Whether they’re spending time out on the street or in a car park, EV drivers will take to parking offering public charging because of the convenience it provides.

Our End-To-End EV Charging Solution​


Feasibility Study

Our team collaborates with clients to assess the electrical capacity of their building, determine tenant demand, and identify the number of EV chargers required. Based on this information, we select the most suitable complete solution available in the market that meets the specific needs of the building, property management team, tenants, and future scalability. We also ensure that the solution is financially competitive.


As a vertically integrated company, we offer our clients the flexibility to choose the construction means that work best for their organizations' structure. We provide consulting services for clients who prefer to manage the project themselves or EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) services for those who require end-to-end support. Our approach ensures that each project is delivered successfully.


The Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) by Natural Resources Canada is a funding program that covers up to 50% of the cost of EV charging stations, infrastructure, and installation, up to $5,000 per Level-2 connector. However, as the program's funds are limited, and applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, ZEVIP applicants may face challenges with the program. Our team simplifies the process by applying on behalf of clients to start the project as soon as their application is approved.

The program covers:

all-in-one solution provider

In-house OCPP EVCS management system to connect to any OCPP compliant stations

One-stop-shop engineering, procurement, and construction provider. (EPC)

We provide O&M contracts for post construction and billing management​

Dynamic Load Management and load balancing implementation for scaling up

OCPP Charging System

ocpp cloud server web diagram

In-house Management System

ocpp management system web diagram

EV Charging Made Easy

Remote Management

  • Setup, customize, and manage your charging network remotely through a robust web portal
  • Manage the entire EV charging network from your own desk. Set up, Monitor, and maintain your chargers remotely. Reduce management time significantly

Payments & Billing

  • Accept payments directly from the end-users without additional fees or delays
  • Automated receipt generation and billing to avoid the monthly billing process
  • Use credit card processors or pre-paid RFID card

Create tailored EV charging experiences

  • Flexible, economic, and scalable infrastructure for communal or private charging stations
  • Easily scale the EV network by simply adding OCPP chargers and charge points to the cloud platform

Hardwired ethernet connection

  • Chargers connected via ethernet connection for the most reliable Communication with the cloud platform to ensure real-time data transfer

Load management for each charger

  • Minimize the impact on electrical capacity
  • Limit power supply to each charger at Different time frames from the Cloud Management System.

EV Charger Types

Level 1

level 1 ev charger

Supply Voltage: 120V AC

Approx. range/hr of charge: 8 Km

Time to fully recharge EV battery: 30 h

Level 2

level 2 ev charger

Supply Voltage: 240/208V AC

Approx. range/hr of charge: 30-50 Km

Time to fully recharge EV battery: 4-10 h

Level 3 (DC Fast Charger)

level 3 ev charger

Supply Voltage: 480V DC

Approx. range/hr of charge: >100 Km

Time to fully recharge EV battery: 30 mins (80%)

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