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A world-class Canadian renewable energy company

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Who we are

UNITED PETROENERGY CORPORATION (UPC) is a world-class Canadian renewable energy company. Originally a traditional fossil fuel and commodities trading company, UPC has fully transitioned into a renewable energy giant.

We provide global supply of advanced power generation and storage systems. UPC works closely with our manufacturers in designing and producing unique solutions tailored to meet current and future energy demands.

UPC is an industry leader for renewable energy technologies, products, and services. We are dedicated to fulfilling the worldwide need for sustainable energy.

How can we help you?

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Energizer Power Stations
We are Canada's exclusive distributer of select Energizer Portable Power Stations
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Home Battery
An energy storage system for storing solar power and low-cost grid electricity
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EV Charger
Our end-to-end EV charging solution that benefits drivers while earning you a profit